Daffodil Garden for Cancer Survivors

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NSCC Exterior Living Wall

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Vivian’s Garden

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The Submarine Playground

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Hammock Park

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House and Home Logo

The A-List 2022: Landscape Designer of the Year

Canadian House & Home Magazine, December 2022 Issue, Print and Digital 

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Hope Blooms at Daffodil Garden

Live at 5, October 26, 2022 

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Vectorworks Blog, September 27, 2022 

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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became a Founder 

Authority Magazine, May 4, 2021 

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Sue Sirrs of Outside Landscape Architects: “Overcome any fear of asking for help as quickly as you possibly can”  

Thrive Global, May 13, 2021, Ben Ari

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Exploring the Great Outdoors 

CTV Atlantic Morning Show, March 8, 2021

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Excellence 2020 Awards 

Landscapes/Paysages, Summer 2020 Issue

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Featured Project,Vivian’s Garden, Halifax Hospice 

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Exterior Living Wall

Neilson Educational Publisher
ETextbook, Photo and Text
English Grade 7 and 8 OTC

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Exterior Living Wall

Chenelier Education Publisher
ETextbook, Photo and Text
French Grade 7 and 8 OTC

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The Simpsons Copied My Submarine! 

Spring 2017, Big Issue

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Waterfront Hammocks 

CTV News, Halifax
Kelland Sundahl

Exterior Living Wall Retrospective 

Outside! Landscape Architects, YouTube 
May 12, 2016

This permanent exterior living wall by Outside! Planning and Design Studio was installed in 2010 and is the only one of it’s kind in Eastern Canada. Sue Sirrs, Project Coordinator, takes us on a 6 year retrospective.

Sue Sirrs: Landscape Architect 

Techsploration, YouTube 
May 12, 2016

A love of the natural world can be put to work in this career. Find out how Sue creates outdoor spaces that inspire.

Landscapes Paysages Logo

Vertical Victory – Wallflowers in Halifax 

2012 CSLA Landscape/Paysages
Trailblazers Issue, Winter 2012

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Ask an expert: Landscape Artist

April 19, 2012 
The Coast
By Carsten Knox

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Architecture Trends in Living Colour 

November 8, 2010
East Coast Living Magazine
By Janice Hudson

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The Painted Door 

By Suzanne Robicheau

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Living Wall Interview

April 3, 2009 
CBC Radio